Congratulations on Fifteen Years, Shari!
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There are certain members of every dental team who make all the difference. They keep the office running smoothly, help patients get the care they deserve, and seem to have a supernatural sense for what the boss needs. This past week, the Lake Baldwin Dental family celebrated an amazing fifteen years with just such a team member.

Shari joined Dr. Dunn’s team as an assistant fifteen years ago and immediately made herself an indispensable right-hand lady. Since then, she has moved into the administrative arm of the practice and now helps ensure the office stays stocked in everything we need, that our equipment is in good working order, that our certifications are all up to date and we’re always keeping up to date with the best techniques and equipment. She runs our meetings, ensures good communication between team members, and coordinates patients’ treatments. She really does it all around here!

Dentists depend greatly on their assistants. A great assistant can predict a dentist’s needs and provide the needed materials and preparation. It’s almost like they’re psychic sometimes! By carrying that anticipation of the needs of others into managing the office, Shari ensures that everything runs as smoothly as possible, and that we are always adhering to the best standards of practice.

Dr. Dunn truly appreciates everything Shari does for the practice. “I am so grateful for Shari’s loyalty and dedication to LBD. She truly lives each day by our motto of work hard and be nice to people.

Shari is truly a vital part of the LBD team. Her excellent organizational skills and vigilance leave Dr. Dunn free to provide patients with his full focus and the excellent care they can always expect.

To celebrate fifteen great years with Shari, Dr. Dunn catered lunch from local favorite restaurant Black Bean Deli. The staff enjoyed a great moment of bonding over food (our favorite team building exercise), and capped it all off with a delicious Nothing Bundt Cake. Pumpkin, of course!

After all these years, Shari still feels as enthusiastic about being part of Dr. Dunn’s team as ever. “It has been such a pleasure to be a part of LBD growing and becoming the success that it is,” she says. “I can’t thank Dr. Dunn enough for believing in me and giving me the opportunity to grow and work in such an amazing environment. I am beyond blessed to be a part of the LBD family. I have had the opportunity to share in so many of the patients’ progressing through the many stages of life and sharing in the milestones.” And our patients love you back, Shari!

The entire LBD team extends our deep thanks to Shari for being so amazing at her job. But beyond that, Shari has also extended compassion and support to all of us when we need it. Her great sense of humor always provides a bright spot in our days, and she is always there for us when we’re down. Shari is like the resident big sister here, and we are all so grateful to know her.

Join us in congratulating Shari on fifteen great years! Shari keeps all of us smiling!