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Lake Baldwin Dental Patient Reviews

Lake Baldwin Dental Patient Reviews

"I can't thank the entire staff enough for the care I was given today. You guys are the greatest and I am so happy right now I don't know what else to do!"

-Jim S.

"Both Dr. Dunn and Dr. Anderson are very caring - they genuinely care about helping me move forward with my dental health."

-Amy Blaida

"I had problems trusting dentists before, but [Dr. Dunn] made it possible for me. It's like heaven-sent."

-Tesfai Alem

"They welcomed [our foster daughter] and us with open arms, so it was pretty great!"

-Ashley Dishman

"Lake Baldwin Dental is by far the best dental office I have ever been to. The doctors and staff are professional, courteous, and genuinely care about what they do. Thank you!"

-Megan C.

"Lake Baldwin Dental, All I have to say is.. Wow! "

-Craig C

"Great office staff...everyone is so nice there!"

-Sharon F.

"[Dr. Dunn] just almost treats you like family. That was the one thing that he said to me one time that stuck out - he said 'you know, if it were my wife, this is what I would do.' That's what I want."

-Leigh Ann Ibrahim

"I am a lot more confident about my smile since I had my Zoom & new crown put on! Thank you. I have received many compliments!"

-Meredith M.

"Dr. Dunn isn't just a dentist, he's *my* dentist."

-Jan Zielinski

"Going to a dentist's office there's a lot of anxiety. With this staff they really treat you like a great person and I think that eases a lot of the anxiety."

-Tim Hammons

"We love Dr. Dunn and his staff so much, we drive all the way from Tampa for our dental care! The most knowledgeable and caring staff around! Beautiful office too!"

-Jennifer H.

"...of all pleasures in life...going to the dentist isn't one of them....but Lake Baldwin Dental makes it a GREAT experience! The enviornment and the people who work there are the best!"

-Jeff C.

"Love the staff - and what can be better than being able to watch tv while you get your teeth cleaned :) Friendly and pristine office with great people. Makes going to the dentist an all around better experience."

-Tina W.

"The facility is very clean. It's wonderful. They know your name - everyone knows your name when you come in.""

-Cindi Merrithew

"Nothing is done that isn't necessary. I just have such a comfort level. I trust everybody here.""

-Pat McDonald

"Caring and professional office and staff."

-Paula S.

"It's been a wonderful 6+ years and I imagine it will continue to be many more! Best staff and Dr. Dunn is just a really great Dentist, can't imagine going anywhere else....thanks everyone :)"

-Susan G.

"Dr. Dunn is so nice, so professional. Not only is he professional, his staff is too! We all trust him, we all love him!""

-Jacqueline Smalley

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