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Team Approach at Lake Baldwin Dental

Dr. William Dunn, Dr. Kathleen Anderson and Dr. Huy Tran utilize a team approach in treating patients at Lake Baldwin Dental. Each of the dentists at Lake Baldwin Dental assist in patient care and depending on the level of treatment, a patient may be treated by one or both doctors.

Working as a team, Dr. Dunn, Dr. Anderson and Dr. Tran can insure that their patients receive the best dental care available in Central Florida. At Lake Baldwin Dental, we believe that your dental health needs to be treated by a team of educated professionals with varied specialties and expertise.

This approach allows us to provide quality dental care while offering a broad scope of services to our clients.

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Meet Our Orlando Dentists!

Dr. William Dunn and Dr. Kathleen Anderson have created a dental practice that services both the cosmetic and traditional dental needs of their patients in a comfortable and stress-free atmosphere.