Make 2021 Your Year for Great Dental Health!
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We did it, everyone. We made it to 2021. Although it’s not exactly shaping up to be the refreshing return to normalcy we had all hoped for, the start of a new year does give us some sense of a blank slate. Time to make some resolutions and catch up on things we may have neglected. Make 2021 your year for great dental health!

Like, for example, your dental work. Many of our patients fell behind on their regular care last year, and with good reason. But now is the time to hop back on the wagon and treat your teeth to some TLC.

Play Catch-Up!

Maybe it’s been a while since you’ve seen a dentist, or maybe it was just the chaos of the past year that threw you off your game a little. Either way, the start of a new year is a great time to commit to better oral health. First step? Let your dental team take a look!

If you’ve missed a cleaning… or two… or ten… the first thing you may need is a routine exam and some images. That may mean regular check-up x-rays or a more thorough set of images looking at your whole mouth, depending on how long it’s been. From there, we can do a thorough tooth-by-tooth analysis and maybe take a few more snapshots with our infrared camera as well. That way, we can ensure that no problems will sneak past us and we can get you back in peak condition.

Complete Your Treatment Plan

Once we’ve examined your teeth and gums, we can create the best plan for your needs. Maybe that will be just a cleaning, or maybe you need a little more attention than that. Either way, we are here for you!

You may have already had a few items on the agenda for keeping your teeth healthy. Maybe there was a cavity or two you decided to put off, and then before you know it 2020 happened and now here we are and those cavities are still not filled! However complex your treatment plan may be, your team here at Lake Baldwin Dental is always here to help you understand and navigate your treatment needs.

Your Insurance and FSA Have Probably Just Rolled Over

We usually do a post toward the end of the year to remind you about your insurance benefits. But instead of putting things off and then making a mad dash to use your benefits before they lapse, why not start now? Most plans (and FSAs) roll over in the new year. That means you probably have funds available now, in January. Take advantage!

Even if 2021 hasn’t started off as smooth as you’d hoped, now is a chance to start your new year off with great oral health. Whether it’s been six months or six years, we are always here to support your journey toward a beautiful smile. Keep smiling and Happy New Year, Orlando!