Teeth Whitening: Key to a White Christmas!
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The holidays are almost here! What a fantastic time to treat yourself or someone you love to the gift of a dazzling winter white smile. Fortunately for you, Lake Baldwin Dental has you covered with multiple whitening options.

Want White Teeth Fast? Try ZOOM! In Our Office

ZOOM! is one of the best-known names in whitening, and we are proud to offer their amazing system in our office. In-office whitening offers immediate results. So if you’ve got a holiday event planned, even if it’s a virtual Christmas this year, ZOOM! in the office might be the best option for you.

Think of it as the ultimate spa day for your teeth. You just come in and relax in one of our comfortable chairs. We’ll set you up with the remote and a fuzzy blanket, and you can sit back and relax. One of our clinicians will apply whitening gel in four fifteen-minute sessions. The gel is activated with a UV light (don’t worry, protective shades are included).

While you wait, we also fabricate whitening trays for you to take home so you can touch up and maintain your shade. More about that below.

When your session is done, your new shade will already be clear to see. The main advantage with in-office whitening is its convenience. However, it can cause some zingers if you have sensitive teeth. When you make your appointment, let us know if you’re concerned about sensitivity. We have a prescription toothpaste we recommend using leading up to and following your treatment that can help control discomfort.

Rather Take It Slow? Why Not Take-Home Trays?

If you have sensitive teeth, or if you’d rather whiten at home, take-home trays may be for you. In a very short appointment, we’ll take impressions of your teeth to create a mold. Then, we’ll make custom trays fitted exactly to your teeth. These will keep your whitening gel in full contact with all those little nooks and crannies where stain loves to collect.

At home whitening can take one to two weeks, depending on how many shades lighter you’re hoping to go. The main advantage here is that it usually does not create as intense sensitivity as in-office whitening can. Also, there are two types of gel available: ZOOM! Day White, and ZOOM! Night White. Each type works in slightly different ways, so discuss with your dental team to decide which is best for you.

Take home trays are also the more cost-effective option, so if you’re on a tight holiday budget, trays may be just the thing!

Whitening Makes a Great Gift!

Don’t forget, whitening treatments can be given as a great holiday gift! If someone in your life has been dreaming of a whiter smile, consider a gift certificate for whitening services at Lake Baldwin Dental. Our Baldwin Park location makes us conveniently accessible from all areas of Orlando, so your loved one can pop in and start enjoying brighter teeth right away!

To make the best of your whitening, we recommend a cleaning first. That way, your hygienist can remove as much external stain as possible so that the whitening products can cover your entire tooth surface, ensuring the best possible bang for your buck. Call our office to get set up for whitening, stain removal, or to purchase the gift of a whiter smile for your loved ones. Keep flashing that bright smile, Orlando!