We Will Miss You, Cathy!!
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As most of our patients know, the team here at Lake Baldwin Dental feels like a family. We work together, play together, and sometimes even fight like siblings. But there are few people who can really make our workplace feel like home quite the way Cathy does. From her epic pranks to her killer smile, Cathy has been a cornerstone of our team’s loving dynamic.

So, it is bittersweet that Cathy is moving onto the next chapter and leaving Florida. She and her husband, Tommy, have decided to move to Tennessee where their only child, daughter Erin, is expecting their first grandbaby! We are ecstatic for Cathy and Tommy that they have this opportunity to move so close to Erin and their soon-to-be granddaughter. They will truly treasure this chance to be an integral part of her childhood and help raise her.

Still, as happy as we are for Cathy, the office just won’t be the same without her. She is frequently one of the pleasant voices our patients love to hear when they call. She’s the first smiling face I usually see when I arrive in the (sometimes very early) mornings. In fact, that’s been an ongoing source of ribbing between us, as she is such a morning person and I’m, well, not. But she always helps get me going with some good-natured poking.

Cathy’s official title was office manager, but she has also been a shoulder to cry on, a party organizer, a diplomat when things get tense (as they sometimes do), and so much more. She’s pretty much the office big sister. But don’t let that sweetness fool you. Her sassy streak is a mile wide and her drawer full of plastic critters has been the source of many a great scare.

Fortunately, Cathy will still be able to work remotely on a limited basis with our team. We are so glad to be able to continue to depend on her intrepid skills for helping our patients get the most out of their insurance benefits. But still. It’s not the same as hearing her amazing laugh in the halls.

From the entire family here at LBD, we wish Cathy and Tommy the best in their new home. And we obviously look forward to lots of baby pictures. Bon voyage, and keep smiling, Cathy!