Good Riddance to 2020… But Use Those Benefits First!
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2020 has been a strange year at best. We know you’ve had a lot going on, and taking care of your teeth may have taken a back seat. We understand completely. Sadly, your dental insurance provider might not be quite as flexible when it comes to the deadline for using your benefits.

Use It Or Lose It!

Many people assume that dental insurance works the same way as medical insurance: they cover a certain percentage, and you cover the rest. That is true to an extent. But dental insurance is actually a benefit plan, which means they give you a certain amount of money you can use each year. Whatever you don’t use goes straight to them.

This also applies for some Heath Savings Accounts. Use it or lose it!

If You Have Benefits Left, Get Caught Up!

We all feel like 2021 can’t get here soon enough. But as the end of the year gets closer, you may want to take advantage of those dental benefits you may have left. Most of us do not utilize all of our benefits in a given year. Many times, we end the year with hundreds of dollars available to us through dental insurance and yet we let it disappear.

The end of the year is a great time to take care of those cavities you’ve been ignoring, make sure your whole family is up to date with their cleanings, and get any x-rays or other diagnostics you’ve been putting off. If you have a treatment plan waiting, now is the time.

Especially if you’ve been ignoring any aches, pains, sensitivity, or other symptoms, do not wait! Call us to get on the schedule so we have time to properly evaluate, diagnose, and treat your issues before the end of the year so those benefits don’t go to waste.

Most Plans Roll Over at the End of the Year.

It may be worth it to contact your dental insurance or HSA provider and see when your coverage year turns over. For most providers, it happens at midnight on December 31st! So don’t wait. While we never let insurance dictate our treatment plans here at Lake Baldwin Dental, we do want to help you take full advantage of the benefits available to you. Keep smiling and don’t lose those benefits, Orlando!