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Lake Baldwin Dental Is Proud to Give You Surgically Clean Air

Have you ever been out an about, maybe taking a walk or going to the grocery store, and you get the urge to hold your breath every time someone passes too close? Okay, maybe that’s just me. Clean air has been very much on my mind lately, and I know it’s been on a lot of your minds, too. Which is why we are so pleased to announce that Lake Baldwin Dental now has Surgically Clean Air!

As we have reiterated in our past several blog posts, we have a deep commitment to your safety during this COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. The dental industry is in a unique position in the medical world, as our area of expertise requires patients remove their face masks while we work. Obviously, we don’t want those aerosols floating around our office at a time like this! Therefore, we have gone the extra mile to ensure safe and clean air throughout our office.

Meet Jade. In each area of our office, from the lobby to the operatories, you will notice large white air filters. But these are more than just your average fan.

What Jade Does

Jade filters and sterilizes the air in our office. It’s a 6-stage process that starts with a super fine HEPA-Rx filter, which removes 99.998% of particles 0.1 micron or larger, and 99.2% of particles .0025 microns or larger. (For scale, coronavirus measures .07 to .09 microns.) After that, the air is exposed to activated carbon and titanium dioxide, then bombarded with UV light, which kills off any other microbes and neutralizes VOCs (volatile organic compounds, which we discussed in our blog about bad breath). The air is then ionized and circulated back into the room.

How Our Air Sets Us Apart

While dental offices are, in general, very clean places, air quality is one place where we tend to fall short of the goal. Historically, dental environments boast a higher standard of cleanliness than many other medical facilities. We sterilize and sanitize thoroughly, wipe down every surface, and are generally held to a very high standard for disease prevention. LBD has always taken that goal far beyond what is required by law. However, keeping excellent air quality in a dental office can pose an additional challenge.

That’s why we are so excited to have incorporated Surgically Clean Air into our practice. We get constant confirmation of fully sanitized air quality throughout the day on our units’ displays. The display changes to show us how much contamination is in the immediate environment, which helps us monitor our air quality throughout the day. This allows us to confirm with certainty that we are maintaining the safest possible environment for all of our patients.

What About Our HVAC?

While the Jade system is more than capable of eradicating infectious particles from our air, we have even gone beyond these units to make absolutely certain our air is as sterile as possible. In addition to the units in each operatory, our HVAC system also boasts Halo, a UV air scrubber for the air conditioner. At all points of intake, Halo bombards the air with high frequency UV light to kill viruses, bacteria, and neutralize other contaminants as well. Just in case anything does manage to sneak past the Jades (unlikely), we have a last line of defense working for you as well.


We are committed to maintaining the safest possible environment for our patients during this unprecedented time and into the future. It is vital that patients keep up their oral healthcare, so we have thoroughly researched and invested in the best available technologies for neutralizing any viral materials on surfaces and in the air. By adding these scrubbers to our already amazing cleaning protocols, we can assure you that you will be hard pressed to find a cleaner building anywhere in Florida. Thank you for trusting us and breathe easy, Orlando!

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