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How We Are Keeping You Safe During COVID

If you’re anything like me, you’re second guessing every move you make. Is it okay to get my hair cut? Should I wear a mask at the gas pump? What about getting my teeth cleaned; is it safe?

As you read from last week’s blog (link), the data for dental office safety looks pretty good so far, and staying on top of your dental routine is super important. But we thought it might help put some minds at ease to show you our new protocols and what we’re doing to keep you and your family safe during this pandemic.


The check-in process is the first place you may notice some changes from our usual routine. Upon arriving at our office, you will wait in your car and text or call to let us know you’re here. Then, your clinician will come out to take your temperature. There is also a brief form you can fill out electronically in advance, or we will bring one out to you at this point. Once we know that your temperature is normal and you haven’t had any symptoms or contact with COVID patients, we will open the door for you (not only to eliminate as many touch surfaces as possible, but also because it just feels fancy, doesn’t it) and get you inside.

We ask that you wear a mask through the common areas, as we may be passing others on the way to your operatory. We will also provide you with a squirt of hand sanitizer on the way in.


Once we’re in your individual room, you may remove your mask. We will then provide you with mouthwash to swish and gargle for one minute. And yes, we are timing you! This will help to eliminate any viral material you may unknowingly be harboring in your oral environment. Research shows that mouthwash can help reduce an asymptomatic person’s ability to spread coronavirus, which is good for everyone!


We have some new equipment to help us maintain the cleanest air possible, which we will go into in an upcoming blog. However, we are also trying to eliminate aerosol-producing procedures as much as possible. This means using our new laser for fillings whenever we can. Your hygienist may also elect to do your cleaning without the Cavitron and use mostly hand scalers. You will still get the same amazing quality of care as you have come to expect here at Lake Baldwin Dental, even if our procedures are a little different.


You can rest assured that even your check-out procedure will be as sanitary as possible, as we are constantly wiping down all touch surfaces with sanitizing fluid and offer more hand sanitizer at the front desk.

Once a patient has cleared their operatory, the area is thoroughly sanitized following our usual routine, plus antimicrobials sprayed into the air. However, our cleaning procedures have always been a little overboard (and we’re proud of it), so not much has changed in the way we clean our rooms. All sanitizing products are left to work for several minutes. Your clinician will also change their jacket before seeing another person, and obviously we are scrubbing our hands like crazy. If you want a really great gift idea for the office, think moisturizer.

If you have any concerns or hesitation about coming in for your regular care, please feel free to ask! We will guide you through our process and answer any questions you may have to the best of our ability. We are here to ensure a safe and comfortable experience and keep you smiling through this very hard time.

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