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Your Dental Health vs. a Global Pandemic: Is It Safe to Come Back?

        With case numbers skyrocketing here in Florida, many of us are starting to rethink what “essential” business is for us. Should we go to the gym? To a restaurant? What about getting a haircut? There are certainly some experiences we can skip to stay safe, but where does the dental office fall on that list?

        According to this article from the Washington Post, your regular dental visit is one of the five types of health appointments you should keep despite the pandemic. Along with blood tests and physical therapy, dental visits rank among those worth keeping. 

Yes, You Should Come In!

        For one thing, dental problems frequently progress without symptoms. Your regular oral health check is an essential step in catching issues as early as possible, before they turn into major problems. The earlier we can diagnose and treat cavities and cracks, the less expensive and more conservative your treatment will be. Likewise, staying up to date with your cleanings will keep gum disease in check, which will decrease inflammatory triggers throughout your body.

        If you’re in the middle of a course of treatment such as braces or a multi-step restoration, completing your treatment plan is paramount. Delaying in the middle of a treatment plan can lead to major problems and even catastrophic failure. We strongly recommend that you finish treatments that have been started, and don’t delay once a diagnosis has been made.

Yes, It Is Safe!

      We understand that, even taking into account how important your dental visit is, you may feel intimidated about coming in. After all, you can’t keep your mask on while we clean your teeth. However, according to a study from MIT, dental offices are one of the business that are worth the slight risk. Plus, as you will see in next week’s post, we practice extensive protocols for minimizing your risk.

        Thus far, public health agencies have not traced any cases of novel coronavirus to a dental visit. All fifty states have allowed dentists to re-open, but as far as we can tell, the dental office is not a high risk areas for transmission. That being said, some situations warrant a cancellation. If your or an immediate family member are a high risk patient or immuno-compromised it may be better to wait. Likewise, please do cancel if you have any symptoms of illness, or if anyone in your immediate circle has tested positive or is under investigation for possible COVID infection. 

        We value your trust in these difficult times and look forward to continuing to see you in our office. Keep smiling and stay safe, Orlando!

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