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LBD’s Christmas Party at Nile Ethiopian Restaurant

This weekend was the annual Lake Baldwin Dental Christmas party, and it was one for the books! Dr. Dunn and Jeanie always go above and beyond to show the staff a great time, and they always make us feel even more like a family, which is why the celebration started at Nile Ethiopian restaurant!

As many of you know, Ethiopia has a special place in the Dunn family’s hearts. Not only are four of their children adopted from Ethiopia, but Jeanie also runs a non-profit benefiting a children’s home there. Dr. Dunn recently took their whole crew on a trip there, and even did a little surgery for one of the kids while they were visiting. Needless to say, the culture and especially the food have become integral parts of the Dunns’ family life.

Nile Ethiopian is an amazing restaurant on I-Drive here in Orlando. They boast an impressive menu of authentic dishes and traditional honey wine. The meal started off with salad and lentil samosas fried in delicate pastry, followed by huge trays of gorgeous food to eat family-style. In the traditional fashion, the food came with rolls of thin bread, which is used to pick up each bite off the communal plate. No silverware needed! The flavors were beyond amazing. We even got to try Dr. Dunn’s favorite, a dish called Shiro, also known as “Ethiopia’s comfort food.”

To finish the meal, we were treated to a coffee ceremony with incense and fresh coffee beans roasted right in the restaurant! The coffee at Nile is truly something special, and we were wowed by the rich flavors. We also had some Oreo cake for Cathy’s birthday with our coffee! (Not on the Nile menu, in case you were wondering.) Gifts were exchanged, and then we headed to our next activity.

After a big meal and a relaxing cup of coffee, what could be better than… bumper cars? Whirlyball, to be exact. Dr. Dunn reserved a court just for us at WhirlyDome right across I-Drive from the restaurant. The basic premise is lacrosse mixed with basketball, but in bumper cars. As soon as the buzzer sounded and the game started, our competitive sides came out and we enjoyed a raucous good time. It’s good to let off a little steam together with your coworkers every now and then, isn’t it? Whirlyball is definitely a great way to do just that. We all left a little bruised, and very sweaty, but it was ridiculously fun.

All of us at LBD are so grateful to spend time with such an amazing and close-knit team. Outings like this keep the bond of friendship close between us, and we know our patients can feel the love when they walk in our doors. We hope all of you enjoy your holiday parties, and we look forward to seeing you all in the New Year! Jingle bells, Orlando!


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