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Food Traps: Not Convenient Snack Storage

Posted on August 28, 2018
Our teeth like to touch. As we discussed in a previous entry (…), teeth will shift to try and achieve contact with their neighbors if necessary. However, sometimes teeth seem like they are touching when they actually are not. A very slight gap between teeth that may go unnoticed is called an open contact, and […]
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End of Summer: Do You Have Chlorine Stains?

Posted on August 20, 2018
It’s back to school time, which also means it’s the end of summer. Like most Floridians, you may have spent a lot of time swimming, and will probably keep on swimming as these brutally hot days keep beating down on us. Many of our young patients are even competitive swimmers and clock a ton of […]
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Your Regular Medications May Affect Your Oral Health

Posted on August 14, 2018
At least once a day, when I ask a patient about their new medications, they tell me they do have a new prescription, but it doesn’t matter for their teeth. Nine times out of ten, this is completely wrong! Nearly all medications will affect your oral health, although it’s frequently in ways we may not […]
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Benzocaine for Babies: Just Say NO!

Posted on August 6, 2018
Teething is one of the most dreaded phases of parenting an infant. When a little one is in pain with those achy gums, it seems like nothing can soothe them. Sure, we try those little frozen teethers, let them gnaw on pacifiers, even use our fingers to try and lessen the discomfort. But at the […]
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Dental Calculus: Worse Than Math Class?

Posted on July 31, 2018
There is this weird stuff that grows on our teeth in between cleanings. Have you noticed it? It’s this hard, chalky stuff, usually heaviest on those lower front teeth. It’s kind of whitish, maybe a bit yellow. That stuff is tartar. The dental term is actually calculus. But what is it, and where does it […]
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VELscope: Next-Level Oral Cancer Screenings

Posted on July 24, 2018
A few weeks ago, Lake Baldwin Dental posted on social media about an exciting new piece of technology we would soon be incorporating into our practice. Today, we are happy to tell you all about VELscope, a cutting edge system to help make our oral cancer screenings even more effective. We have posted about the […]
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Cheek Chewing May Point to a Deeper Problem

Posted on July 18, 2018
Moriscatio buccarum, or chronic cheek chewing, is a condition which causes some people to obsessively chew on the skin of their cheeks, lips, or tongue. Not too long ago, I dismissed cheek chewing as a bad habit at worse, and something patients just needed to pay attention to and just quit, easy as that. However, […]
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Your Gum Chart: What’s the Big Deal?

Posted on July 11, 2018
Every so often, your hygienist tells you it’s time to update your gum chart. While it may seem like we’re just looking for more fuel to nag you about how you need to floss better, those seemingly random strings of “two three two, four three three,” (and on and on) are actually incredibly significant diagnostic […]
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What the Furc? A Short Primer on Furcation Involvement

Posted on June 19, 2018
Most of us are familiar with the little cartoon tooth with a smiling face at the top and four little legs at the bottom. This is a pretty good representation of a molar…sort of. Top molars usually have three roots, and bottom molars usually have two, although there can be a little variation person to […]
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Super-Eruption: Not About Volcanoes!

Posted on May 22, 2018
With all the talk about volcanoes lately, there is a dental issue that keeps popping in my head: super eruption! Also known as supraeruption, over-eruption, hypereruption, compensatory eruption, and other terms, it is the process of a tooth pushing too far out of the bone and gums. It is also completely avoidable with early intervention. […]
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