Our Top 10 Dental Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas is right around the corner! If you’re still trying to round up a few last gift ideas, we have a few suggestions for you!

Here are our top 10 picks for great gifts to keep your family smiling this holiday season!

1. Sonicare Toothbrushes

Sonicare for Kids subscription | Our most affordable plan yet | Philips

Using an electric toothbrush is one of the best ways to improve your home care routine. After years of observations, we’ve seen that our patients who switch to Sonicares have less plaque and healthier gums overall.

Kids especially love the Sonicare because it has a Bluetooth feature that lets them gamify their brushing! Using their Sonicare helps them care for a digital pet and earn rewards, which can be helpful for keeping them on top of brushing twice every day.

To make your shopping as easy as possible, we have Sonicare toothbrushes for everyone in your family right here at LBD!

2. WaterPik

Have a committed anti-flosser in your family? A teenager in braces? A loved one with lots of dental work or crowded teeth? Someone who loves having the best gadgets for every task?

A WaterPik is the best alternative to flossing. (Or addition to it if there’s an overachiever on your Christmas list!) This handy device sprays a thin stream of water that detaches bacterial biofilm from the tooth surface.

It cleans between the teeth, under the gums, in every crevice of dental work and orthodontic appliances, and in those crowded and hard-to-reach spots, too! Most patients notice a huge improvement in their gum health (and breath) when they start using a WaterPik.

(Yes, we have these available, too!)

3. Fresh Toothbrushes or Brush Heads

We all know we’re supposed to replace our toothbrush or change out the brush head on our electric toothbrush every 3 months, right? But most of us probably run way behind schedule.

For many patients, we’ve noticed they mean to change their brush but forget to buy new ones.

New toothbrushes and brush heads make great gifts or stocking stuffers. And if you get a 4-pack, you’ve just gifted someone a year’s supply!

(You probably guessed already, but you can buy Sonicare brush heads here, too!)

4. Whitening Services

teeth whitening
Want whiter teeth? Our team is ready for you!

Did you know we’re running a BOGO special on professional teeth whitening in Orlando, FL through the month of December? We also have gift certificates available!

If you have a family member who’s been wanting a whiter smile, who’s about to get out of braces, or who has loved their whitening treatment in years past, this is a gift they’ll truly love.

We have in-office teeth whitening and take-home trays, so your loved one can get exactly what they need!

5. Whitening Pens

Have a coffee-lover or tea-drinker in your life? Or what about that family member we just talked about who loves having the brightest possible smile?

Whitening pens make touch-ups between teeth whitening treatments quick and easy. They make a great stocking stuffer, or you can wrap up a few of them to give the gift of a brilliant smile all year long!

6. Their Favorite Toothpaste

This has to be second only to getting socks for Christmas, right? It might sound underwhelming, but helping someone stock up on essentials can take something off their to-do list, which is sometimes the best thing they could ask for.

Kids might also appreciate a fun new flavor or something with sparkles to get them excited about brushing!

7. Sugar-Free Gum

Who doesn’t love getting a stocking full of candy on Christmas morning?

To make sure your family can enjoy their candy without suffering the consequences, throw a few packs of sugar-free gum in there, too. Chewing sugar-free gum helps to clean the teeth and stimulate saliva, both of which help to prevent cavities.

Bonus points if you get a brand with xylitol, a type of sugar that reverses acid exposure in the mouth and gives the gum extra decay-prevention power.

8. A New Water Bottle

Carrying a water bottle everywhere you go is a great way to remember to stay hydrated. A new water bottle can be a great gift, especially if you spring for something fancy like stainless steel.

There are tons of cool bottles for kids, too, with everything from Minecraft Creepers to My Little Ponies on them!

So how is this a dental gift? Staying hydrated (link) is a vital part of maintaining good oral health, preventing cavities, and keeping your breath fresh!

9. Lip Balm with SPF

Healthy teeth and gums are key to a great smile. Our lips are the frame for that gorgeous smile, and they deserve some love, too!

Did you know our lips can get sun damage and even skin cancer? Especially in the Sunshine State, too much UV exposure on our lips can increase our risk for problems. Applying SPF lip balm is a great way to keep our lips soft and healthy and prevent sun damage at the same time!

10. Get Them Set Up for a Dental Visit

Have a college student in your family? A young adult who comes home for visits a few times every year? A spouse who takes care of everyone else in the family but themselves? Or maybe one who will do anything to avoid going to the dentist?

Great gift giving is all about showing people that we care about them. Taking care of tasks like making appointments for the family’s dental visits (and then taking them to those appointments) can take a huge burden off their shoulders.

Sometimes, giving them the time to take care of themselves instead of worrying about everybody else can be a deeply meaningful gift. A dental appointment, spa day, and haircut can make someone feel like a completely new person.

At LBD, our mission is to help your loved ones live their best lives with healthy smiles they love. Keep smiling and enjoy the season of giving, Orlando!