Don’t Forget Smiles on Your Holiday Gift List!

We hope you had an amazing Thanksgiving! With Turkey Day behind us, the holiday season is officially in full swing. It’s time to dig out that advent calendar, polish your menorah, and make sure your holiday gift list is on point. If you’re looking for a few more ideas, consider giving the gift of healthy smiles this holiday season!

Holiday Gift Ideas for Little Smiles

Kids are so fun to shop for at the holidays. There are so many great toys and fun things to get them, and they’re always so hyped for every gift they unwrap. In recent years, tons of parenting advice has suggested giving a variety of gifts: some fun, some useful, some educational.

You might not assume kids would be excited to get a toothbrush under the Christmas tree, but you might be surprised! Sonicare makes a great electric toothbrush for kids, full of stickers and fun customizable decorations. It comes Bluetooth enabled and connects to an app that gamifies brushing. As your kids brush, they care for a little fuzzy monster character. The better they do, the more costumes and treats they can earn for their pet!

The Sonicare for kids is perfect for children as young as three, all the way to age eleven, when we recommend they switch to an adult brush. Younger kids are especially prone to plaque buildup as they try to take over the task for themselves, as their manual dexterity is somewhat limited. They have a hard time performing great technique and hitting all the right angles. An electric toothbrush takes out the guesswork, effectively breaking up plaque without depending on perfect technique. It’s one of the best ways you can help your kiddos prevent cavities.

Holiday Gifts for the Brace Face in Your Life

Having braces makes taking care of your teeth extra hard. Orthodontic care can lead to heavy plaque which causes gum inflammation. Plaque left sitting on the teeth for too long can leave unsightly white spots and even cause problems with decay. Whether a person goes through orthodontic care when they’re a teenager or an adult, the right tools can make all the difference.

If anyone on your Christmas list is in braces, or even using clear aligners, a WaterPik is an amazing gift. It flushes out between teeth, under the gums, and around any orthodontic appliances, leaving all surfaces squeaky clean. Used alongside their Sonicare toothbrush, they’ll complete their ortho treatment with healthy gums and a bright smile!

It’s also great for patients without braces! Flossing can be a hard sell for many patients, and the WaterPik makes cleansing between the teeth so much easier. In an ideal world, we’d love to see all our patients using a WaterPik in addition to flossing, but the water flosser on its own does a great job.

Gift Ideas for College Kids and Young Adults

It’s a little depressing that first Christmas when you get legitimately excited about socks. There comes a time in your life when you realize you’re excited to get practical gifts and you’ve officially become an adult. For many of us, it hits when we’re in college or just starting out on our own, and we’re suddenly left to make our own appointments and do our own laundry and we just wish we could go back to mom and dad doing it for us!

If you have a loved one in college or newly living solo, booking them a dental appointment can make a great holiday gift. Yearly dental cleanings are one of the first things that disappear from the to-do list when patients move out of their parents’ house. We see so many young adults come back seriously overdue for their cleanings and stressed about it. But giving the gift of dental health can help them navigate the transition with success!

Gift Ideas for People Who Need a Little Pampering

Maybe there’s a mom in your life who always puts herself last. Maybe you know an aspiring Instagram influencer wanting the brightest possible smile for their feed. Maybe you have a brother who needs a leg up on the dating scene. Whoever it is, you know someone in your life who could use a little pampering and some TLC for their pearly whites.

Whitening services make an amazing holiday gift. We have the right approach to whiter teeth for your loved ones, whether they’ll appreciate the efficiency of professional Zoom tooth whitening in the dental office or the convenience of whitening at home with custom-made take-home trays. This Christmas season, we’re offering Buy One Get One Free whitening, so you can give yourself a treat, too!

Stocking Stuffers for Shining Smiles

If there’s one great thing about dental gifts, it’s that so many of them make great stocking stuffers! Here are a few quick, easy ideas to offset the awesome candies they’ll find hanging by the mantle on Christmas morning.

  • Packs of sugar-free gum, especially with xylitol
  • Travel-sized tubes of their favorite toothpaste (or full-size for that matter!)
  • Packs of floss. We love Listerine UltraClean.
  • Floss threaders and proxy brushes for patients with dental bridges or braces
  • Fun disposable toothbrushes for travel or overnight visits
  • Fun brushing timers that light up or feature favorite animals or characters
  • Whitening pens to touch up their shade and control stains
  • Replacement heads for their Sonicare
  • Fresh tips for their WaterPik

Gift Ideas for Everyone on Your List

There are a couple of great dental holiday gifts that work for pretty much anyone in your life. We haven’t met a patient yet who wouldn’t benefit from a Sonicare toothbrush and a WaterPik. These tools are so great at what they do, even the professionals use them. Pretty much everyone on our team here at Lake Baldwin Dental has both!

We hope your holiday season is filled with magic and bright smiles. And that you get gifts as awesome as you give. For patients looking to spread smiles even further this winter, consider a donation to charity in honor of someone you love! (Haddis Ministries makes a great choice if you’re looking for one.) Happy Holidays, Orlando!