RDH Manny Moves On. We Will Miss You, Manny!
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Lake Baldwin Dental has had to bid adieu to some truly amazing team mates these past couple of years. However, we are overjoyed to celebrate growing families, new horizons, and exciting opportunities for the LBD family members we love! So, it is with that all-too-familiar blend of sadness and excitement that we say farewell to Manny.

Manny joined the LBD team as a hygienist in 2018 and quickly made herself known as resident dental brainiac. Seriously, if she doesn’t know the answer to the most cryptic dental question, she will definitely be able to find out before the end of the day. While working with us, Manny also completed a Bachelor’s in Applied Health Science in Dental Hygiene, a degree far beyond the requirement to practice clinically. Such is her passion for the field.

All that tireless work these past few years to further her education was done with an eye to move away from the clinical dental setting and work in dental research. That’s why we are elated (and completely bummed out) to announce that Manny is making a career change! Starting next week, Manny will no longer be practicing clinical dental hygiene. Instead, she will be part of a research team developing new and exciting therapies to treat periodontal disease.

Manny is an amazing clinician. She has brought unparalleled dental education to her patients and helped so many of us improve our home care and empowered us to take control of our oral health. She also gives one heck of a cleaning! Her patients will miss not only her killer sense of humor, but also her gentle hands and deep, genuine caring for their health.

As much as Manny loves being a clinical hygienist, she is very much looking forward to becoming a data scientist working in dental research. “It’s a tough goodbye,” she says, “but I’m excited to move forward with helping patients receive quality oral healthcare on a broader scale through clinical research.” It’s an amazing opportunity for Manny, and her expertise will go far in helping improve treatment technology that can impact the field in a huge way.

Join us in wishing Manny a fond farewell and best of luck in her new career. We know Manny’s patients will miss her terribly, but she would like to reassure all of you that she is leaving you in the best hands with our LBD hygiene team. After all, she had a hand in building the hygiene team we have today! Manny, we wish you all the best in your new career, and we’ll be eagerly awaiting the results of your research. Keep smiling, Orlando!