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Welcome, Dr. Tran!

Big news at Lake Baldwin Dental! We are overjoyed to announce that we have added a third Associate to our practice, and would like to take this opportunity to welcome Dr. Huy Tran to our team!
Dr. Tran adds yet another Gator to the LBD family, having earned his Bachelor’s Degree from UF before completing his dental degree at Midwestern University in Illinois. Even his little sister is going to UF, and he looks forward to a trip to Europe to celebrate her graduation. While he did enjoy his time up North, this Florida native is glad to be back in the Sunshine State where most of his family still lives. Like any true Floridian, Dr. Tran likes to spend his down time in or near the water. He loves fishing of any kind, including flats fishing and even spear fishing. He SCUBA dives, snorkels, and really just loves to be in the ocean any chance he gets. Lucky for him, his fiancée Megan shares his passion for salt water!
That’s right, Dr. Tran is engaged to our very own hygienist, Megan (…). Together, these love birds are a true dental power couple. They are both self-declared dental nerds, and even seek out dental conventions anywhere they travel. Even on their recent trip to Hawaii, the pair made sure not to miss the ADA Annual Meeting. Dr. Tran also never misses an opportunity to volunteer if he can and brought Megan along with him on a Bright Island Outreach trip (…). He loves volunteering because of the team aspect and the chance to change people’s view of dentistry and help them overcome their fears. He says that even a simple gesture like giving small children, who may never have met a dentist, a disposable mirror or a tooth brush can get them excited about their teeth.
Dr. Tran’s love for dentistry mostly centers on helping his patients become engaged in their health, and helping them realize their needs rather than seeing their treatment plan as just a checklist. It is his first priority for all patients to feel at ease and comfortable asking questions (whether about dental issues, fishing, travel, or anything else). However, even beyond his love for his patients, Dr. Tran truly enjoys and values the blend of art and engineering that goes into dentistry. “Even if my patient will never see it,” he says, “I love the art of making a filling look perfect.”
Dr. Tran is extremely excited to join the LBD family. He loves that “the focus here is on the ultimate patient experience,” and that we practice truly patient-centered care. Beyond that, he looks forward to working in such a tight-knit team with a strong sense of camaraderie.
We hope that you will help us welcome Dr. Tran to our practice. Bringing superior new members into our family of clinicians is another way we keep you smiling, Orlando!

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