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Follow-up; What Happens After Ortho

                About a year ago, we posted about three of the lovely ladies here at Lake Baldwin Dental who were all undergoing adult orthodontia (link). We are pleased to announce that all three ladies have completed their orthodontic treatment, and wow do their smiles look gorgeous! However, their journey is not quite over just yet.
                After your braces come off, it is important to follow your orthodontist’s instructions regarding retainers and after-care. This is to prevent relapse. The teeth will want to shift back toward their original positions until your bite stabilizes and the bone and ligaments supporting your teeth has had a chance to become fully settled.
                Each person’s retainer routine will be individually tailored to their case. Some people will need to wear retainers around the clock (except while eating) for the first few months, some people for nearly a year. After that, it is generally recommended to wear your retainers at night indefinitely. This is the best way to guarantee your new smile will last!
                As for caring for your retainers, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Never wrap your retainers in a napkin while you are eating! Retainers have an uncanny knack for disappearing. So, your retainers should only ever be in one of two places: in your mouth, or in their case. End of list.  (Seriously, those things are expensive, and you don’t want to throw them out by accident.)
  2. Along the same line of thinking, always keep your retainers away from pets. Let’s face it, our animals love us. Sometimes they love us in strange, disgusting ways such as wanting to chew on hunks of plastic that smell like our spit. This is another very common culprit for retainer loss.
  3. Brush your retainers often! If you are wearing your retainers at night only, be sure to brush them thoroughly with a wet tooth brush every morning before putting them back in their case. Try to avoid using alcohol-based cleansers like Listerine or abrasives like tooth paste, because these can damage the acrylic. If you need a deeper clean, there are special tablets made for soaking retainers and mouth guards. Also, ALWAYS bring your retainers to your routine dental cleanings, and we can pop them in an ultrasonic machine to really keep them in great shape!
  4. Brush and (hopefully) floss before putting your retainers in! Either at night before bed, or if you are wearing your retainers all day then after every meal and snack, it is highly advisable to thoroughly clean your teeth before putting your retainers in. Because today’s retainers are clear plastic, and cover the teeth completely, they limit some of the mouth’s self-cleansing action. This means tons of food particles just cooking away, being against the teeth and gums. This could obviously lead to inflammation and cavities over time!

               We are so happy for our team members and their perfect new smiles. Be sure to stop in and admire a job well done! And if you’ve gone through ortho, remember to wear your retainers so you can keep smiling that perfect smile, Orlando!

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